John Joseph's The Evolution of A Cro-Magnon is a must have and read for anyone who was around the NYHC scene in the 1980's, is a fan of the Cro-Mags, loves a fucked up, incredible, true story of Survival on the Streets and how music, punk and hardcore, perhaps saved a soul as it made connections and opened doors to paths not otherwise presented to someone with such a horrible, unfair start in life. Pick that shit up at the Amazon link above.
"Hey, you going to SXSW?"
Because you and people like you are! I can get drunk at home.
Soft Target theory of SXSW:
Seems to me, you put all those idiots who claim to be in the music business and all the hypocrites from AP to Pitchfork in one city at one time, you have a nice soft target. Noone attending is looking for anything, but to be seen and get drunk. You see the lineup? Set your band apart by not going and go make some new fans.

Final Show VS Let It Go

If the band was any good someone would ask you to play one more time.

No one cared when you were a band.

Who wants to see a bunch of dudes who don't want to be in the band together anymore, play in the band one more time?

Just let it go VS the final show. Don't do it for us.

Really, sit this one out on me. If you are done, be done.